Environmental management and Public Health

We provide a range of technical assistance to clients in both public and private sector to improve their environmental management performance in the following fields:

- Institutional strengthening and capacity building of environmental authorities at all levels
- Environmental policy, regulations, and enforcement
- Environmental assessment and audit
- Waste management (municipal solid waste, industrial and hazardous waste, etc.)
- Water resources management, RBM and flood control
- Industrial pollution control and risk management
- Air quality management
- Soil pollution and soil remediation
- Forestry, nature conservation and biodiversity
- Regional and urban sustainable development
- Environmental information, communication and public awareness
- Environmental due-diligence

We also aim to provide help to solve health problems associated with environmental factors and we provide effective solutions across the following fields:

- Institutional strengthening and capacity building of health authorities and institutions
- Strengthening and improving of the public health laboratory services;
- Health Financing
- Health Policy Development
- Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
- Integrated Primary Health Care
- Surveys and statisticst
- Health Information Systems
- Quality Assurance
- Health promotion and education


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