If you are interested in expanding to new markets, ZORAN Consulting & Trading can help you. We have developed survey methodologies to give you the desired insight. These proven methodologies include techniques to complete market surveys, marketing research, financial/economic feasibility studies, and project financing. We have successfully assisted numerous renowned enterprises and agencies.

Our goal is to be customer focused and to establish a business partnership that gets positive results. We bring value to our clients by providing world-class services and solutions, on-time and on-budget.


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We are a company dealing with trade of the industrial equipment as well as of the spare parts for all industries including chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries and gas lines, thermo-electric and hydroelectric power plants, mines, computer components and information systems and instrumentation and electronic systems.

Our team helps you identify, evaluate, develop and implement solutions for optimizing supply, logistics, delivery and utilization of industrial equipment. We provide the resources that can respond promptly with a comprehensive solution in an emergency situation.



Our company has a long-standing tradition in consulting companies in the fields of equipment and materials supply, marketing new products to foreign countries, project development and financing.

With significant client involvement at every step of our work in order to validate data and draw conclusions that lead to rational decisions, our consultants ensure that all stakeholders are engaged. Identified issues and opportunities are worked into an overall plan that fits the specific needs.
We also consult you in gaining alternative funding and subsidies. 




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